Soup for Something at Green City Market

Polly has been playing Soup for Something at Green City Market and we invite you to come out and give it a whirl. The idea is simple, share something with Polly: a story, a memory, a fun fact about soup and get soup in return! (while supplies last).

Need some inspiration? Last week's market presented the following charming exchanges for soup:

Love tomato anything especially garden fresh soup!

Tomatoes are staple in my house growing up! My mom would always make tomato soup after church on Sunday mornings. Great family time and great soup! – John

My dear friend once gave me her tomato plants and the resulting tomatoes made me think of her all season— her name— Marie K.B. —Alice

We love tomatoes! We love them as a snack soup or on pizza.

Love the soup, and just tried it with kale plus bacon bits. – Dan

I love the rich flavor of heirloom tomato soup. Only yours though!

Your products remind me of summer – my favorite time of the year!

I am vegan!

Tomatoes are pretty! —Susan

My friend in Ohio lives on a homestead and grows giant heirlooms. The site of a juicy pink Heirloom always makes me think of him. —Quinn

Love Heirlooms. My favorite soup plus grilled cheese! —Sheri (Dr. Sheri)

I love tomatoes! In Australia we say toe-mar-toe! -Stephanie


Visit Polly at GCM Lincoln Park on Saturdays from 7am-1pm

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