Farm Notes: Discover Bulbs that Bridge the Season

Yes, biodynamic gardening is good for the earth.


Yes, biodynamic gardening makes a garden gorgeous.


Real talk: biodynamic gardening makes for less work.


Case-in point: Alliums. These workhorse bulbs fill the gap between the last of the tulips and daffodils and the first of the blooming perennials. Perennial. Pollinator-friendly. Architectural. Architectural? Yes, alliums bring form - in addition to color - to the garden. Allium flower forms stand tall for months, many into the winter.  Some, like Summer Beauty, have fresh foliage all summer. See, here, some faves in action at Lotus Flower Farm, home of Tomato Bliss.
Allium on Lotus Flower Farm
Find your own at McClure and Zimmerman.


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