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Nourish your body with award-winning, heirloom tomato soups.
Perfect for sipping and for sauces

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Savor fresh, unforgettable food like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Expect pure heirloom tomato bliss (never reconstituted industrial tomato puree). We grow rare and special heirloom tomatoes in Michigan’s glorious fruitbelt, harvest them at their peak, and roast them simply with pure ingredients.
  • Low Sodium
  • No added sugar
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten-free
  • Plant Powered

Why Tomato Bliss?

Our story is simple

  • Tomato Bliss began with love of heirloom tomatoes and a desire to enjoy them year-round.

  • Turns out, enjoying rainbow varieties of heirloom tomatoes is a natural solution to climate change.

Our Farm in Michigan Our Farm in Michigan Our Farm in Michigan

Our principles

Why Tomato Bliss?

  • We support: farming that goes beyond organic and aims to heal the earth.

  • We believe: commercialization has given tomatoes a bad rap, so we showcase varieties of holistically-grown tomatoes in all their flavor-filled glory.

  • We know: heirloom tomatoes + better soil = better-tasting, better-for-you tomatoes.


Know your source

See how the food you choose builds a living ecosystem. Tour our certified Regenified farm.

Learn more: see our About us page

Why tomato bliss?

Lunch, Served

  • Enjoy restaurant-quality food at home.

  • Convenience without compromise. Expect all-natural broad spectrum nutrition and a truly climate-positive food solution.

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  • No hassle, cancel or pause anytime.

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