We've Built A Better Farm

Tomato Bliss is on a mission to bring biodiverse, holistically farmed tomato products to every table. We aim to transform monoculture farms into biodiverse farms and to minimize the number of holistically-grown tomatoes that land in compost.

Here's how:

We source our tomatoes from biodiverse farms located within 100 miles of our processing facility: a truly climate-positive solution. 

We guarantee the purchase of surplus tomatoes from biodiverse farms, so fewer tomatoes land in compost. Based in Michigan, we own and operate a state-of-the-art regenerative farm and we partner with independent farmers who want to convert monoculture farms into biodiverse ecosystems.

Biodiversity is key to improving soil health. The carbon footprint of our processing is minimized by the short distance between the supply and the manufacturing.

We farm to diversify the tomato supply chain. Our experiments include growing many varieties of tomatoes, water conservation practices, participating in seed trials, and improving soil health.

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