Talking Bliss With Catherine Louise Schubert

Finding and sharing blissful moments is a real hobby of ours, so we're always interested to learn what brings others bliss. As our NYC Creative-in-Residence, Catherine Louise Schubert inspires us with fast and fabulous Tomato Bliss recipes. Join us as she shares what brings bliss to her life. 

In your life, what brings you bliss?

Catherine Louise Schubert for Tomato Bliss

Sharing time with my friends, dogs, horses, traveling, antiquing, reading cookbooks and, of course, cooking. I especially enjoy learning about different cuisines and being cooked for, which I find a real treat.

I’ve always been a collector of objects and recipes; perhaps a little bit obsessive: let’s say passionate, but definitely not a minimalist. 

A dear friend once wrote a tag line for me:

entertain life. food. travel. shop.

She then added: a sophisticated and unpretentious approach to entertaining.  I consider that a real compliment, but you could very possibly replace unpretentious with messy…

I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by people that have inspired me and I have learned so much from them.

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