Tomato Bliss Awarded BEST SOUP in Prevention's 2022 Healthy Food Awards

Tomato Bliss wins Prevention Magazine's 2022 Healthy Food Award for Best Soup!

Vadouvan Curry Heirloom Tomato Soup was awarded Best Soup on Prevention Magazine's list of 48 Healthiest Foods of 2022.

Test Kitchen editors tried hundreds of healthy packaged foods and read through nutrition labels to find the best, newest, and healthiest picks.

✔️ Clean Ingredients - Testers ensured that all packaged foods have real, recognizable ingredients.
✔️ Nutritionally sound - Trans fats were not accepted. Additional nutrients like fiber, protein, or vitamins and minerals were musts.
✔️ Appropriate serving sizes - Prevention Mag staff staff ensured suggested serving sizes really fed consumer needs.
✔️ Limited added sugars - added sugar was capped to 6g per serving (and allowed for some wiggle room for desserts, up to 10g per serving).
✔️ Minimal salt - Most items have under 400 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Thank you Prevention Magazine for recognizing Tomato Bliss as a leader in the soup category and highlighting our mission to bring delicious, better-farmed food to every table.

Read the full article here.
Find article in the May issue of Prevention Magazine, on newsstands now. 
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