Calling all Farmers' Market Enthusiasts

You can now find Tomato Bliss on Market Wagon: an online farmer's market that delivers fresh produce to your door.  

Market Wagon connects consumers with local farmers in key markets.  The concept of shopping local, supporting independent farmers, and making a smaller carbon footprint is extremely appealing. As evidence, Market Wagon is profiled in the top 10% of Inc. 5000 Annual List of fastest growing companies in America!

Tomato Bliss is proud to partner with a mission-aligned company like Market Wagon.  Farmers market enthusiasts share our passion for heirloom tomatoes and delicious, fresh food.  Plus, working with Market Wagon is a complimentary extension of our mission to support local, independent farmers who share our commitment to biodiversity and soil health.

Stay tuned as we debut Tomato Bliss in more Market Wagon locations soon.

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