Unexpected Occasions for Bliss

Tomato soup isn't just a lunch thing anymore. Especially uber-nutritious heirloom tomato soup. Sure, one of our favorite ways to eat tomato soup is still at the end of a just-dunked grilled cheese, but we've grown to love this soup beyond lunchtime. Here are a few more ways we enjoy Bliss, we hope you'll try. 

1. Breakfast of champions.

If you haven't souped for breakfast yet, we invite you to try it. We stand by it as the best way to start your day! We enjoy it warmed with eggs, or straight from the jar standing by the fridge. 

2. Afternoon "Snack"

Make a ritual of sipping soup in the afternoon for a healthy jolt of pure bliss. Packed with stress-relieving vitamin C, heirloom tomato soup is an excellent pick for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

3. Bleacher time.

Short on time heading from one sporting event to the next? Swap fast food for fast, nutritious soup for enough energy to cheer on your star player well into overtime. Yes, you can drink it cold straight from the jar! 


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