5 Gentle Habits to Practice Today

5 Gentle Self-Care Habits to Try in 2022

At Tomato Bliss, we take a gentle approach to farming. One that aims to help plants be plants and nature takes its course. In return, our farm gifts us with a rainbow's bounty of diverse plants, pollinators, and food. Our loving commitment to biodiversity translates to new kinds of bio-rich products for our customers.

With the new year approaching, we ask: As we are with our earth, how can we be as kind and gentle with our well being? We’ve rounded up five gentle ways to care for ourselves in the new year, aiming to build habits that can make a positive change.

1. Swap one meal per day with a cup of heirloom tomato soup. Sip gently. Nourish yourself with one clean, blissfully healthy meal each day. 

2. Practice NEAT: an easy science-backed way to increase the amount of calories you burn, outside of formal exercise. NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - it’s the calories you burn walking, standing, playing with children and petss, going about your day. Walk a bit more, stand a bit more, play a bit more: it’s as gentle at that.

3. Embrace imperfection. Oddly shaped and different from the rest, heirlooms are the gold standard because of their uniqueness. Learn to love your imperfections as a way to focus on your health. 

4. Eat a rainbow of colors. See #1! The more you diversify the types of tomatoes you eat, the more nutrients you’ll get.

5. Small wins = big impact. What makes you feel productive? Drinking water? Making your bed? Do one gentle thing every day to keep feeling accomplished. 

Here's to a gentle, blissful, 2022!

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