Sharing Bliss at Lotus Flower Farm

What fun we have sharing our farm. People love to see how we grow differently and to taste soups from our on-site test kitchen. The perennial fruit forest! The natural springs! The lotus flowers! The gardens upon gardens of low-maintenance perennials! This summer the word's gotten out. Folks from far and wide have begun to come and to see for themselves what's growing in southwest Michigan’s glorious fruitbelt. It's been a pleasure sharing and learning.

Farm tour at Lotus Flower Farm Regeneratively grown heirloom tomatoes

Friends enjoying a day away from the city

Tomato Bliss Regenerative Tomato Farm Lotus Flower Farm

A biodiverse approach to tomato farming

Lotus Flower Farm Tours Summer Heirloom Tomato Farm

Tomatoes as far as the eye can see Lotus Flower Farm Tours Summer Heirloom Tomato Farm Black eyed susan
All life at the farm supports our heirlooms in one way or another Sampling Heirloom Tomato Soup at Lotus Flower Farm Sampling Tomato Bliss at Lotus Flower Farm  Soup Tasting at Lotus Flower Farm Tomato Bliss Heirloom tomato soup
The winner with the most votes:  Smokey New Mexican with jalapeno  

Lotus Flowers at Lotus Flower Farm

Lotus Flowers at Lotus Flower Farm



About Lotus Flower Farm

We grow using biodynamic principles: seed diversity (not just rotation), multi-purpose shrub, tree, and perennial planting, no-till (and this year, almost entirely, no-dig!) farming, water retention (read rock pits), twelve-month growing cycles, and holistic ideas that come from the soil. Our farm is a site that shows what soil can do. This year, the farm’s fifth, has really shown us what soil can do!