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5 Minute Appetizer: Easy Heirloom Tomato Dip

5 Minute Appetizer: Easy Heirloom Tomato Dip-Tomato Bliss
Happy Friday from the farm!

Here. Now. I'm looking to make things tastier and easier. Keeping it simple. Here's how.

Over the weekend, I'll make this five-minute appetizer that we love - it's creamy, a little spicy, and festive. 

For neighbors, I'll share some just-made jars of Tomato Ginger Jam. Our recipe is a simplified riff on Mark Bittman's classic and comes together in a snap. This year I made it with our Purple and Dark Red Roasteds and it turned out delicious and jewel-toned. Served with goat cheese, it's great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Have a safe and relaxing weekend, with bliss,


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