Our Mission: Bring Biodiverse Tomatoes to Market and Build a Truly Climate-Positive Food System


See how our mission to save heirloom tomatoes from extinction led us on a journey to re-invent the way tomatoes are grown. Check-out the video below.


Our biodiverse, regenerative-organic farm in Michigan’s glorious fruit belt is a site for the development of earth-friendly growing practices and soil-science research.  Our holistic farming methods include: growing and sourcing heirloom and open-source seeds, water conservation practices, and keeping the soil alive with cover crops and no-till/no-dig practices.

Unlike a traditional mono-crop farm, we plant trees, perennials, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, in order to build a lively, regenerative ecosystem.

Our commitment to biodiversity and soil health really does make a difference!  Regenerated soil makes our heirloom fruits and vegetables exceptionally flavorful and nutrient-rich.

And with these nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, we make small-batch, award-winning heirloom tomato soups in four globally inspired flavors.

Taste the Tomato Bliss difference, here.  With Tomato Bliss heirloom tomato soups, you can expect better flavor, higher nutrient density, and a truly climate-friendly solution.




What is the shelf of your oven roasted tomatos,, blush heirloom Tom., and tomato salsa..We have truly enjoyed your products
Thank you

Hollis Griffin July 21, 2023

So how do I order this tomato Bliss soup. I can’t find anything on the website.

Shannon Hannaford March 29, 2023

Can see the passion you and your team are giving alongside the biodiversity and soil health care. Heirloom tomatoes are my favorite and know what care they take. Cannot wait to try your products!

Laurie March 08, 2023

I live in Saint Joseph, MI. I grew up on a farm in Stevensville and now have a small garden. I’m excited that you are in South West Michigan. Be well.

Judy November 07, 2022

Wow, I was so touched and inspired by this video and to learn more about what you do and to see how and where you do it. I am curious if you ever have farm visits as I would love to see and experience this beautiful land I just got a glimpse of. I would also be happy to volunteer my time and help with anything that needs to be done around the farm while I am there. Please let me know.

Thank you!

My very best,

Kevin Healy

Kevin November 07, 2022
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